Science Gateway Sustainability and Industry Utilization workshop in Zurich on June 5

On June 5, 2013, the SCI-BUS (SCIentific gateway Based User Support) EU FP7 project organizes an open workshop about “Science Gateway Sustainability and Industry Utilization” at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Goal of the workshop is to discuss topics that are of importance to sustain science gateways after their initial funding has run out, and how to utilize the concepts and actual outcomes of science gateway projects in commercial environments. Speakers from several international commercial and academic institutions will give lightning and keynote talks, and there will be interactive sessions as well.

CloudBroker GmbH is leading the workshop organization team, and our partner ScaleTools is responsible for sponsoring. Wibke Sudholt from CloudBroker will also give a talk about “SCI-BUS and the CloudBroker Platform: Extending Science Gateways to Clouds”, as well as an “Introduction to Science Gateway Sustainability”.

The SCI-BUS Sustainability Workshop is a satellite event of the IWSG 2013 (5th International Workshop on Science Gateways) conference, and sponsored by IBM. Registration for the Sustainability Workshop is performed via the IWSG 2013 registration page. Attendance of the workshop is free, and everyone with interest in the topic is welcome. If you need more information, please contact us!

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