CloudBroker enables HPC Experiment heat transfer use case

The UberCloud HPC Experiment promotes the adoption of the cloud computing service model to high performance computing (HPC), computer aided engineering (CAE) and life science workloads. The goal of HPC Experiment Team 30 was to facilitate a heat transfer use case for Biscarri Consultoria SL, a consulting and engineering company from Spain. The software utilized consisted of CAELinux, a Linux distribution for computer aided engineering from Switzerland, and Elmer, an open source multiphysics simulation software from CSC, Finland. Cloud computing resources were provided by Amazon Web Services.

CloudBroker guided the team as an expert, and made Elmer, CAELinux and Amazon cloud resources available in the CloudBroker Platform for easy running of simulations by Biscarri. The results of the heat transfer use case are collected in the Team 30 report. If you are also interested in other HPC Experiment use cases, these can be obtained from the HPC Experiment compendium. For more information, please contact us!