There is a large variety of cloud computing technologies available nowadays. It is hard to get an overview and to select the solution that best fits to ones needs. In addition, the product that is of most interest to you might not have all the features you desire or requires integration to be able to work with your existing environment. And finally, making your application available in the cloud also means finding the best business model as well as deploying and operating the corresponding software.

This is where CloudBroker’s consulting services comes in. We primarily focus on cloud computing technologies for high performance computing (HPC) and batch processing applications in business, science, research and development. However, we are also able to help you in many other cases. Below please find some examples of our offerings.


Our consulting services provide individual solutions for your particular cloud challenges:

  • Research, comparison and recommendation of cloud products, independent of the provider
  • Identification of business models for applications in the cloud
  • Design, porting and implementation of applications in the cloud
  • Custom software development based on a variety of technologies
  • … and others

For software development and systems engineering tasks, we work closley together with our partner ScaleTools.


CloudBroker has hands-on experience with a large number of cloud and HPC technologies and infrastructure resources, such as:

We are happy to share this knowledge to solve your particular cloud challenges. Furthermore, we offer software development in languages such as Java, Ruby on Rails, shell scripting, etc.