CloudBroker AppCenter


The CloudBroker AppCenter is a framework for generating web-based one-stop-shops for cloud software and services. It is accessible through any web browser or as a web service, and basically works similar to a normal online shop.

Software and service providers offer their different products through the shop and set their pricing. Users select the product they would like to use, pay for the number of credits they would like to buy (e.g., individual download, number of accesses, usage time, subscription, etc.), and can then directly obtain or execute the selected software and services through the shop.

Adapters to different kinds of software and service offerings, such as simple download, web services and the CloudBroker Platform, are available, and more can be integrated. The AppCenter also includes a REST-based web service application programming interface (API) for programmatical access and automation. It is available in hosted and licensed variants. We also provide corresponding consulting, training and support.

The CloudBroker AppCenter has been developed within the CloudSME EU project to host the cloud one-stop-shop for simulation software in manufacturing and engineering there.

For more information and a live or remote demo of the CloudBroker AppCenter, please contact us.