CloudBroker Platform


The CloudBroker Platform is a middleware and application store for compute intensive applications in the cloud. It works on different public and private clouds (e.g., Amazon Web Services, CloudSigma, OpenStack, OpenNebula and Eucalyptus) and high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructures, and widely automates user, software, resource, job and invoice management.

The CloudBroker Platform is suitable for any kind of batch-oriented command line software, both Linux or Windows-based and both serial or parallel (via MPI or other tools). It can be accessed through any web browser and through different application programming interfaces (APIs). The Platform is available in hosted and licensed variants. We also provide corresponding consulting, training and support.

Some features of the CloudBroker Platform have been developed within the SCI-BUS and CloudSME EU projects. There the Platform is used to access software from scientific gateways, portals and workflows as well as for simulations in manufacturing and engineering.

For more information and a live or remote demo of the CloudBroker Platform, please contact us.